My First Big Milestone and the Incentive to Move Forwards!

My first big milestone and the incentive to move forwards

I'm a bit excited as I have just reached a huge milestone in my book....

10,000 words, whoooppeeeee. 

Well actually I'm at 10,082 but I had to finish the paragraph before I wrote this or my brain would've gone blank. It's still a great milestone.

I remember when I started writing my book, back on the 15th April (I only remember this date because my book is currently titled Book 15th April!) my brother, Gordon, said to me that I'd reach 10,000 words in no time. I scoffed and thought he was being optimistic. Although it has been known for my brother to write a book quicker than he replies to some of my text messages!

He writes Young Adult books, the Furnace series and the new Fury books. His first ever book, The Inventors, he and my younger brother Jamie entered into a competition. They had only written the first few chapters so when they were shortlisted, Gordon had to finish the next 80,000 words in a week! He hasn't slowed down since. He's currently trying to finish the second part of The Fury and is writing about 4-5000 words a day, you can check his website out here.

Setting my own targets and hitting them!

So whilst I'm a tad slower than that, having taken one month and nine days to get here, I'm very proud of myself for my first big milestone, and it got me thinking that perhaps I should rewards myself for hitting the target.

Maybe as a little treat I might check out the new summer collection from Chanel tomorrow. I got a little sneak peek at the new limited edition nail colours a couple of days ago and they are so gorgeous. Especially now the sun is coming out. I'll have a ponder and see if I can justify the expenditure.

It's always good to have incentivised targets, don't you think?

Well I pondered the expense for about five minutes then decided to treat myself. It's not like I buy a lot of stuff for me anymore. Ariana woke up at six this morning after what felt like maybe ten minutes sleep so I got to the shops nice and early.

Here's what the stand of new goodies looked like:

Apologies for the rotten photo, it looks as blurry as my brain felt this morning!

I bought a couple of nail varnishes which are currently in a bag under the pushchair which I daren't touch as Ariana is asleep in it. But as you look at the picture it's the orange on the right and the gold on the left... I also bought the orange lipgloss and I've no idea why. I always love the idea of bright lips but am too scared to pull it off. So that will probably stay in my drawer with a dozen other bright lip colours all feeling sorry for themselves that they weren't bought by a braver person than me!

But from now on I think I will set myself goals for words and pick an incentive to get there. Because treats as a single mum are few and far between and a reward feels manageable and responsible. 

Oh and an update on my book...yes, mustn't forget my book...

I'll need to check... I've been too busy shopping!

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