Welcome to My Blog - the dissolution of marriage, how to write, and all that lies in between.

My Blog - Dissolution of marriage, how to write, and all that lays in between
Welcome to my blog

So here we go, my first blog post.

I've decided to write a blog to track the highs and lows of writing my first book. Partly so I can look back over time and see how well I did and how far I've come!!! But more likely to look back over time and see that I once started a blog and a book, and wonder what happened to them. We shall see.

I decided to write a book a few months ago, having tried and tried before but with no luck. The words never came very easily to me before and it felt as though I was trying to type through treacle. It was very irritating because I really wanted to write, I had the bones of plenty of books littering my notebooks, and I wasn't sure what was wrong. I had a list of scripts under my belt already and I thought that branching out to novels would come naturally... I was wrong. 

Time to throw in the dissolution of my marriage!!

Then my life got thrown upside down. I had a baby, which was the best thing in the whole wide world. Then, four months later, my husband decided that he didn't want a family and left, which was the second best thing in the whole wide world. Of course I didn't think so at the time but, being a newly single mum, I had to get on with things. As time went on I realised that it was actually him that was the problem. He was the one who had been draining all of my energy and life. I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that my life was once again my own. Then the words started to flow...

So I start here. I'm already 8275 words into my first book. About 8270 words more than I managed for all my previous efforts, so it's going well thus far. I'm going to try to keep this blog up-to-date with my weekly efforts so feel free to comment if I'm being slack!

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