Inspiration and Creativity: When Plot Lines Hit in the Most Unlikely Situations!

Inspiration and creative ideas

It happened again this week!

Normally when Ariana goes off for a few hours with her dad at the weekend I soak in the bath to relax and try to get my spine straight again (she's getting heavy!). But since starting my book I've found that inspiration and creativity are always at the forefront of my mind. Ideas and plot lines and characters and speech pop into my head when I least expect it, namely in the bath.

Creativity and inspiration are my friends. 

The first time it happened I pondered for a while whether I should get out of the bath and write them down before I forgot them. I decided against it as I'd only just put conditioner in my hair and anyone who knows me will know that my hair definitely needs at least five long minutes of conditioning to stop it going frizzy and wirebrush-like. Anyway, I digress. I waited until I got out of the bath and luckily my memory was good enough to remember the flash of creativity that had popped into it an hour previously (I like a long soak!). 

Since this first time the flash of inspiration interrupted my deep conditioning treatment, it has happened every time I get in the bath. Which in a way is great as it means I have something to write when I'm next sat at my laptop, but it's not so great for relaxing. I've also come to find that my memory isn't always great at retaining the inspiration when I'm half asleep under molten hot bubbles. I do have a notebook in most rooms in the house, but the bathroom one needs to be made of rubber or kept in a sealed container as its edges are curled with the steam!

I used to have to think really hard about my plots and my characters, dragging inspiration out of myself was like wading through treacle. But for some reason this book seems to be creating its own, my characters are running off like naughty children, plotting their own stories. I've tried to rein them in but I have no control over them. 

Perhaps it is because I made sure I knew my characters inside out before I started writing. They're real to me!

I think when I used to sit and think about the plots, it showed in the writing, it was forced and stiff and didn't flow. There was no filler material, it was all just one big plot. Which was annoying as it meant that the books would have been over in about 2 chapters had I continued writing them. This time around though, it's working much better (I hope!). I'm not sure what the difference is. I don't know why this is happening, but I've very glad it is.

Now I just need to think of another way to relax!

A little addendum to my post - I'm now at 15,889 words, whoop. I must remember that the whole reason I started this blog was to track my word count, whoops!

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