Fantastic Family: How I Couldn't Cope as a Poorly Single Mum Without Them

poorly single mum

I am just sitting here now, cup of decaf in one hand, Snickers in the other, thinking how lucky I am to have such an amazing family. 

I've got the lurgy. 

Probably not as bad as man flu but pretty bad all the same. So, all thoughts of writing this week have flown out of the window.

Being poorly as a single mum is HARD!!

But luckily, I have the most amazing family to help out. So far this week my dad has been to take out Ariana for a walk so I could get some sleep. He came with chocolate, biscuits, and a magazine. Then my mum and one of my younger brothers came over to say hi, and Ariana and I went over to hers for dinner. Both yesterday and today mum has taken Ariana out for a walk to give me a chance to get better. My older brother has been great too, he came over with a delivery of more tissues and a Magnum ice-cream. I'm such a lucky girl.

I definitely didn't see enough of them while I was married. Partly because there's not enough hours in the day when you're both working full time and writing in spare time. But mostly because my ex used to be so hard to persuade to come with me it was tough making excuses for him all the time. Then if he did come he'd say it was time to leave when we'd only been out for about 5 minutes! So, I'm really, really blessed with such a lovely and caring family who I wouldn't have been able to get through the tough times without. Thanks family.

It made me think about my poor main character in my book, she's also having a bit of a hard time of things but her family don't seem to be very supportive at all. Luckily, she has some great friends (something I've got too, I'll blog about them another day) who have rallied around her. There's nothing quite like family though and I'm wondering if some of her actions have been as a result of her family? Hmmm, pondering the actions of a character that I'm writing seems to be slightly odd. Shouldn't I know why she's doing all that she is?

I'm up to exactly 11000 words now. Haven't done a lot this week so far as I've been poorly. Getting there though.


Well my lurgy turned into tonsillitis so I've been out of action for a couple of days. I timed it really badly, as I missed out on the jubilee street party, however I did watch the BBC for a good 4 hours solid and I loved watching it all from my sofa.

I haven't really written any more book so I'm only up to 11,987 words. It's hard to write when feeling poorly. I don't envy those who have no choice with deadlines etc. I couldn't concentrate on writing at all.

So instead I hunted down some goodies that I really want for the summer (providing that our summer isn't over already!).

Yummy Yummy - My Summer Lust Haves

These are, from left to right:
J Crew Featherweight Cashmere Dolman Sweater
Miss Trish Naked summer sandals
Me and Em Tulip Pocket Dress
Joseph Sally Striped Cotton-Jersey Dress
J Crew Classic Leather Ballet Flats

It's funny, I've got lots of colour in my lust-haves, yet I always seem to end up in the usual blacks, greys, whites and navys. I wonder if this summer I'm going to get a bit more adventurous? Watch this space!

I'm off now to have some more lemon and honey, and Penicillin.

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