Postgraduate: I Have a Masters Degree Does That Mean I Have to Grow Up?!

Postgraduate degree is it time to grow up now?

So there's been lots of reasons lately for me to neglect my blog... but that's no excuse so apologies for my absence!

Firstly, Ariana isn't sleeping very well, by which I mean at all, and so any chance I get I'm spending writing my book rather than my blog!

I've also had a busy few weeks with other things...

A couple weeks ago I graduated with my Masters in Occupational Therapy, yippeeee.

I have a Masters Degree!

It feels a bit surreal typing that!

It was a long time coming. I started training in February 2009 at the UEA. It was a two year Masters course, with a nice balance between lectures and placements. I was coming up to the end of my course, having completed and passed all of my placements, with just my dissertations and VIVA left to go when I fell pregnant. Now normally I wouldn't say this would get in the way of my work, but I had the worlds' most hideous pregnancy!

I had to take a year out as I was so sick. I had hyperemesis gravidarum, which is a posh way of saying all-consuming sickness. It isn't just morning sickness, which is bad enough in itself, this all-consuming sickness is life altering, incapacitating, and can be dangerous. I could do nothing without it making me feel sick. I couldn't move, or look at my computer, or read. Which meant that continuing my Masters Degree was impossible, I couldn't even sit up without throwing up so traveling to uni wasn't even on the radar.

It was blooming awful, I was sick at least 10 times a day to start with, and felt nauseous all the time. I had to go into hospital as I couldn't even keep down any water. People kept telling me it would get better at week 12, then week 15, then possibly 20 weeks, then after this they stopped saying it as it wasn't happening! Once I started being able to stomach food I lived on a diet of digestive biscuits and cola, healthy!! I eventually stopped being sick so much, just a couple times a day, when I reached 34 weeks, but the nausea never left.

It felt like I had a really bad hangover, but it just didn't get any better. For other people suffering from this, try to keep your heads up, it is finite. I immediately stopped feeling sick when I had Ariana, and craved a cup of tea!! Just try not to harm anybody who tells you to eat a ginger biscuit, they mean well!

And it is completely worth it, Ariana is the best thing to ever happen to me!

And I have a Masters Degree!

So... to get back to the point, I returned to university this January and finished what I'd started. I'm very proud of myself, especially all the other things that were going on around then (husband going AWOL etc!!).

Here's a pic of me in my gorgeous! gown.

I'm going to take some time now and decide what to do with my new qualification. I'd love to work as a mental health OT, but Ariana is only 11 months old and as a single mum I'd like to stay at home with her. But this much I do know... I have a Masters Degree!! and because of that, because of the huge obstacles I overcame I know I can do brilliant things. And no, I'm not going to grow up just because I can add a few new letter after my name, where's the fun in that?

Let's watch this space!!

Book update:
I'm up to 37982 which isn't too bad considering. I have lost nearly 4000 words because of my old rubbish computer, so I would be over the halfway mark if that hadn't happened.
Still, onwards and upwards.

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