You Can Do Anything, Not Everything.

"You Can Do Anything, Not Everything" - David Allen

There's a new book on the horizon...

I'm still trying to edit the thriller that I finished last year but it's a slow process and my brain was ticking over with the idea for a new, more literary, story so I've decided to sit and write instead of editing (please don't tell me off). Editing really isn't my thing!

I'm slowly learning my writing process, with two finished but unedited books under my belt. Maybe this one I will edit as I go along... haha. I am building my confidence and may one day do something with the ones I've finished. But until I work up the courage to let others (not just my mum) read them I'll carry on as I am. I have no pressure on me at the moment with my writing, and I think that is maybe where I am coming unstuck. Perhaps if I had a publisher or agent breathing down my neck then I might pull my finger out and actually force myself to let other people read my work... but I'm not quite there yet, and that's okay!

It's been a quiet year and a bit (wow, that's terrible) on the blog front. Not so quiet year and a bit in the real world. Relationship ups and downs took up most of my time last year, glad to report that the ups won. I will blog about this more another day, but it was hard being in a place where I was in a relationship with someone who wasn't being truthful to themselves, and therefore untruthful to me too! I got to a point where I couldn't trust what he was saying, and that lead to a breakdown in communication, which inevitably led to the demise of the relationship. 

Luckily, though, I have a partner now who can communicate until the cows come home!

A poorly daughter has taken priority this year. Luckily that seems to be sorting itself out too... if you'd like to know more check out my post on how she was diagnosed with a life changing illness. It was truly an eye opening experience and one that made me, and is still making me, question what I'm doing with my life. Not in a hugely intimidating way, just a little nudge to the fact it could have been a very different outcome and I need to allow myself the time and space to acknowledge this.

I have been berating myself over not updating my blog, inundated everywhere I look (mostly instagram, but sometimes real life too) with people being prolific with their own blogs, books, shopping lists...whereas my writing was sitting by the wayside showing all the classic signs of neglect. 

But I've decided to stop the berating, well to try to stop anyway. I did, after all, reach 80k words and finish my book last year, whilst holding down a busy job, and making sure my daughter didn't also suffer from neglect. All in all, that classes as a win in my eyes. And as the quote that I've picked for today's post says, we can't do everything. 

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  1. Love this and Love the eatingittoday blog. Go you lovely! You are right, you can't do everything but anything you do do is pretty bloody fantastic! Xxx