The Pros and Cons of Writing Under a Pen Name.

Who's that with the gorgeous hair, I hear you cry?

Meet Katie Evergreen, author of romance novels, owner of the world's most beautiful hair, drinker of vast amounts of tea...

This, my friends, is my alter ego, and why I have been so wilfully neglecting my blog for (cough) ages.

Katie writes romance novels set mostly in small town America. They're sweet novels, books your grandma could read, books that lift the spirits and remind us why romance is THE BEST. They're uplifting and, perhaps most importantly, they have strong female leads!!!

My name's not exciting or cute enough to be a romance author. But there were other reasons why Katie Evergreen was borne too:

Having a pen name helps with branding an author, especially genre authors. Would you read a romance author by someone names Professor Wolfenstein? I know that's exaggerating slightly (a lot) but it's only to prove a point. Romance writer's 'law' dictates the need for a sweetheart name. 

BUT, to come up with the name took me almost as long as it did to write a 50k romance book. Plus, there was the website name, the other author names, the need to make it easy to remember, the famous people with the same name... the list is endless. It would have been simpler to use my own name, but I'm glad I didn't, because of...

I work as a therapist and wasn't sure if I wanted to be 'the face' of Katie Evergreen. So using a pen name was useful to keep my two lives separate. It's also easier as I can become Katie when I'm writing, and sometimes being someone else is empowering in a way that being me isn't. I have faith in Katie and her ability to pen a good story. 

BUT, it's important to give as much of myself as Katie to the readers. Everything else I say about Katie is true of me. I don't want my readers to feel betrayed and so I would never make Katie out to be something that I am not! If that makes any sense whatsoever!?

Plus, also... that hair!!!!

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