Does Laser Hair Removal Work? My Journey From Hairy to Hair Free.

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Does Laser Hair Removal Work? From Hairy to Hair Free.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

I have really thick, dark, long hair (well, the bits that aren't grey anyway). Which you'd think was a wonderful thing to own. And it is, I do love my hair and am grateful for its quantity, especially after Ariana was born and I lost a lot of it, because the loss wasn't really noticeable. It's a bit unruly most of the time and does need a lot of taming, but I'm still happy it's there.

But imagine that amount of thick, unruly hair everywhere else—not so great! 

I didn't want to have long thick dark hair sprouting from my legs, and underarms, and bikini, and face!! I'd shave my legs and by the time I'd gotten out of the bath they were stubbly again. It was annoying, but worse than that, it was embarrassing.

I'd hate it if anyone touched them. I'd hate it when they went all red because of razor burn. I'd never wear skirts or shorts incase my leg hair grew back while I was out and about. It was a barrier to a whole lot, including my self-confidence.

I'd tried epilating—oh my goodness me, the pain!!! Waxing—not bad but you have to grow the hair for it to work!!! Shaving—painless but, if like me you have legs the length of the Forth Rail Bridge, you'll be shaving them constantly and like I said before, it only lasted a matter of seconds!!! I had a Hollywood wax every month, and at £40 a pop it wasn't cheap.

So, a few years ago I started wondering does laser hair removal work?

I'd seen lots of adverts for different types of laser hair removal. There were the home kits, the machines you could use in the comfort of your own bedroom, the clinics with shiny homepages and pictures of smooth skinned beauties. That was what I wanted to be, a hairless, smooth skinned, beauty.

I did a little research and realised that, although it was the most expensive option, professional laser hair removal was the way to go. It was permanent. That's what I wanted, to get rid of all body hair forever.

Now, I just want to say that I am not of the opinion that everyone's body hair should be banished, because that would be daft and judgemental. This was just personal choice because, at the time, my body hair was having a detrimental effect on my wellbeing. 

I booked in for a consultation at a * SK:N clinic * near me and crossed my fingers and toes that this was the answer to all of my hairy woes.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work? From Hairy to Hair Free.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

I have one word for you. YES!!!

Laser hair removal works. That picture is me at the beginning of 2014, and since I finished my treatment I have not had to shave or wax a single strand!

I had an initial consultation where my specially trained therapist did a small patch test on my leg and 48 hours later I could begin my journey to being hair free! With * SK:N's * flexible payments, I could spread the cost over the time the treatment was being carried out. I opted for eight treatments which have to be spaced out a certain number of weeks apart, so my treatment took about a year in total. It seems like a long time, but trust me, it's worth it—even despite having to cover up during the summer months as you're not allowed to tan at all.

I had a Hollywood bikini and full leg. So each visit I'd strip right to nothing from the waist down, and my therapist would draw on me with chalk, you can kind of see the lines in the picture above. This was to make sure every section was zapped. Then I would don a sexy pair of shades and grit my teeth as a pulses of light zapped away my unwanted hair. And about an hour later I'd skip away with less hair than I arrived with.

You can't wax or epilate during treatment as the hair has to have a follicle to be killed, so any hair needed be shaved away just before the zapping. This wasn't great for bikini hair, but after a couple of sessions the hair was so soft, that shaving didn't hurt.

I'd like to say the laser hair removal didn't hurt either, but that would be a big fat lie! It was excruciating in places—namely my bikini and, weirdly enough, my shins. In fact on occasions the pain when my shins were being zapped made me see stars, but each time I went the pain was less, as there were less hairs to kill. Totally worth it though!

I, apparently, do have the perfect ration of pale skin and dark hair that works the best for laser hair removal. And there are a few blonde hairs that have survived the culling. But overall, it's the best thing I've ever done. I now wear skirts and swim suits and shorts and bikinis because I'm not worried about stray hairs popping up or out! And I am happy to let people touch my legs! Mostly my partner, of course, but if I'm waxing lyrical (pun intended) about how great I think laser hair removal is, then I'll whip out a leg and offer it up for a stroke.

It cost me about £1600 in total; but what it's saved me in time, effort, cost of waxing, stress, ill-effects on my relationships and confidence, it's more than paid me back.

I cannot recommend it enough for those, like me, who are finding body hair is having a detrimental effect on their wellbeing.

Now I just need to save up and get my underarms sorted!

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