Capture the Moment: The Importance of Photographs as a New Mum

Capture the Moment

I have one photo of myself as a new mum that was taken by someone other than me. As a hater of the camera, at the time I was more than okay with that. Plus, the last thing on your mind as a sleep deprived, brain addled, body conscious new mum is having your photo taken.

Capture the moment

Goodness me, how tired do I look?
I think Ariana was about five weeks old when this was taken.

But now I'm wishing I had more.

So I'm sending this out as a message to capture the moment.

As mums we do so much—I know dads do too, and I'm not demeaning what dads do in order to big up the mums, I'm just focussing on us for a moment—but we rarely have photos of us with our children.
Normally, it's the mums taking most of the photos.
Okay so we could selfie, but it's so nice to have a proper photo at a distance further away than the length of our arms!

Capture the Moment.

With a newborn we whip out our phones and snap our baby's every move. First outfits, first time in the pram, first time in the car, first smile (it's not always wind), first cuddles with each extended family member, second new outfit, second time in the pram... you get the picture.

I have so many wonderful pictures of Ariana from when she was a baby. And, of course, I think she was the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world.

Probably because she was... look!

But what I'd love to be able to do now she's older and sleeping more than 2 hours a night (just, I mean she's 7 now) is look back over those early few months and see myself in those pictures too.

The first few weeks go past in such a blur of utter bewilderment that a reminder of what happened would be so wonderful now I'm way past it!

And, pregnancy pictures too, although we're better on the whole at taking them as there's no cute baby to photograph instead yet.

So, (even if you had a pregnancy like mine and a partner who was too busy trying to woo other women!) let your partners, husbands, parents, neighbours, cats (if they're up to it) snap as many pictures of you as they like. Don't bat them away with phrases like I'm too tired, I haven't brushed my hair, I look awful, I've got (insert appropriate baby leakage) all over me... because to be honest, those excuses could be used forevermore with young children. Relax, forget about the camera, and enjoy those precious moments with your newborn.

Then in years down the line, you can enjoy those precious moments all over again. 

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