Kid's Party Food Ideas: Gluten Free not Taste Free.

Kids Party Food Ideas: Gluten Free not Taste Free.

It's hard enough coming up with kid's party food ideas that look fun, taste delicious, and don't have all the parent's rolling their eyes at you because you're going to be filling their kids with sugar then sending them home when the crash happens...

We've all been there!!

When you throw into the mix that it all has to be gluten free too, it's a whole new ballgame.

Kid's party food ideas have to be fun because kids are the harshest critics. They will tell you if something is hideous, or disgusting, and they are particularly vocal when it comes to food.

And what child would want boring party food at a kid's party?  

I'm lucky in that Ariana's birthday is in the summer months, so it's hot and sunny and we tend to have a party outside in the garden with water involved. So mostly I'll do finger food, which is a good idea for kid's party food anyway, as they all eat with their fingers whether it's finger food or not.

After Ariana was diagnosed with coeliac disease I still wanted to make her party food fun and enjoyable. Not just for her but for all the other children too. And as children are so vocal, and some gluten free food isn't the nicest, I wanted to avoid the situation of making children eat dry cake, or having Ariana listen to the other children say how disgusting the food it. She finds it hard enough, without having to listen to children moan about what she has to eat.

And this is some of what I came up with:

Kid's Party Food Ideas

Watermelon Wands: I love these. Ariana and I made those ones last year. They're so simple, yet they look stunning, the kids loved them, they're healthy, and super simple to make.

Slice a watermelon into slices about an inch thick then cut out star shapes with a cookie cutter. They can be any shapes you want, we just liked the stars as they made super fun wands.

Slide some blueberries or grapes onto a wooden skewer and stick the watermelon at the top.

A voila, a watermelon wand.

nb—you might want to collect in the wooden skewers pretty quickly after eating, they're quite pokey!

Kids Party Food Ideas: Gluten Free not Taste Free.

Kid Friendly Charcuterie: This is another simple but very effective idea. You can add whatever you think your kids might like and just fashion it into some sort of pretty mess! 

We added lots more fruit, there were grapes, raspberries, kiwi, and watermelon in lots of different shapes.

Gummy sweets tend to be gluten free (obviously double check as you can't have a mixture of gluten free and gluten on a plate) and their colours look spectacular.

And we added some gluten free finger cakes which tend to keep their moistness better than a large sponge, and some chocolate buttons.

Kids Party Food Ideas: Gluten Free not Taste Free.
Fruit and Yoghurt Lollies: These were so delicious on a hot party day and super easy to make. I guess if you've got lots of kids coming you'd need a lot of freezer space, but it's worth it.

I used a bag of frozen raspberry, blueberry, and blackberries; defrosted and blitzed in the blender.

Strain the mixture through a muslin and mix together with a tub of thick yoghurt and some maple syrup to sweeten. I don't tend to use weights or volumes, I just hope for the best!

Tip into some lolly moulds and freeze!

There's just a few ideas for a gluten free but not taste free party.

If you have any gluten free kid's party food ideas, do drop a comment below or send me an email. I'd love to hear them.

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