Self Care Tips for When You're Writing.

As writers it's very easy to get to that point of burnout. 

When we're writing we're not only working towards our goals; be those deadlines for others or self imposed, word counts, promotional work, planning, outlining our posts and books, editing...

Actually now I'm writing this I've realised just how never ending our work is!

So yes, not only are we doing all of the above, we also have endless streams of creativity rushing around our brains at all times of the day and night. So an off switch is not part of the deal. 

Being able to look after ourselves is very important so we don't reach that point of burnout. Here are a few self care tips for when we're writing:

Self Care Tips for When You're Writing

When we're writing it's important to set office hours. They don't necessarily need to be your standard 9-5, but it's important to have a set routine.
It's very easy to work into the late hours as we can't clock off and head home—unless you're lucky enough to have a separate office. So if you set a working time into your day and make sure you stick to it then you can stop working without feeling that guilt that so often comes with being self-employed.
Try to find your most productive writing time and work your 'office hours' around those.

As per the above tip, having set working hours means you can also factor in regular breaks. If you were working for an employer in an office setting—I'm thinking Aviva, because where I live in Norwich, at least 90% of people have at one point in their life worked for Aviva (Norwich Union)—you are required to have at least 15 minutes break per four hours of working.
Make sure you take the time out to have a cuppa, a walk, a stretch, some mindfulness meditation, or just to turn your eyes away from the screen. Your productivity will thank you for it.

Healthy Snacks!
Now I'm not trying to be a party pooper! But I know how easy it is to snack on crisps, chocolate, sweets, anything unhealthy that is bite sized and to hand.
We don't tend to have crisps in the house for the reason that I would simply eat them for each meal of the day. But we do have gluten free biscuits and sweets around and I try to forget about them while I'm writing.
Try to make a platter of fruit to serve you throughout the day. Have some salad bits to hand with some dips such as hummus or guacamole.
And make sure you've always got a bottle of water on the go, to counter-act the million and one cups of coffee you'll invariably have throughout the day.

Say No!
When you're writing or freelancing for a living it's very easy to say yes to all the work that comes your way. Never knowing when the next publishing deal or commission is coming makes it a bit daunting when there's a mortgage to pay and mouths to feed.
But don't take on work just because it's there. Make sure it matches your ethos and creative mind. Make sure you're not already working yourself to the bone. And make sure it's work you feel comfortable doing.

Time Out
Just because there's a stream of creative content rushing around your brain at all times (if you're anything like me anyway) doesn't mean you should be 'on' all the time. Try to have some time out when you're writing.
Spend your free time (that you've carved out by creating work hours) reading—great research too—or binge watching Netflix. I'm half way through Line Of Duty and loving it. Have a bubble bath. Or book in for a massage. It's important to look after yourself.

I hope these little self care tips help you to look after yourself when you're writing.
Remember. You can do anything not everything.

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