Beauty Pie Subscription: Wrinkles Be Gone

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Beauty Pie Subscription: Wrinkles Be Gone

I used to get quite a few subscription boxes; Pink Parcel, Birch Box, My Little Box, to name a few!

And while they all held that buzz of excitement for me when they first arrived, that was soon replaced by buyers remorse when I looked at the bits I could actually use.

My Little Box was my favourite subscription box, they had skin care, make up, fun little gift items that you never knew you needed but couldn't live without, but they actually stopped going quite a while ago (sad face).

Birchbox was always full of skin care products that hurt my super sensitive skin. And Pink Parcel had some fun bits, but I found sanitary wear cheaper in Wilcos!

So when I heard everyone and their cat raving about Beauty Pie I ignored it as another subscription box, full of skin care that my skin couldn't cope with.

How wrong I was...

Beauty Pie, where have you been all my life?

Beauty Pie Subscription: Wrinkles Be Gone

How Beauty Pie Works
Okay, bear with me because the subscription isn't quite as straight forward as it could be.
I pay a £10 subscription a month for the privilege of using Beauty Pie. (They start from as little as £5)
For this £10 I have a certain spend limit. (£100)
Each item has an RRP and a Beauty Pie cost.
Your spend limit is calculated by the RRP.
Still with me?!!
My first purchase consisted of:
  • Japan Fusion Serum - RRP £75. Beauty Pie £8.11
  • Japan Fusion Cream - RRP £100. Beauty Pie £9.80
  • Uber Volume Mascara - RRP £20. Beauty Pie £3.36

My spend limit is £100 and I had a spend limit boost for my first purchases.
So spend limit was £200, I spent RRP £195 which was within my limit (and any left over spend limit is carried over so you don't lose it)

But I actually only spent £37.56 including postage and monthly subscription fee.

When I used to spend £42 on a moisturiser alone, this seemed too good to be true to me.

To be honest, the website counts down for you how much left you have to spend, so just give it a go if you're confused. It's easier than I'm making it out to be!!! My brain hurts just trying to write this!

How I got on with Beauty Pie
I'll start off by saying that I have THE most sensitive skin in the whole cosmoverse. I've used Clarins since I was fifteen and it's one of the only makes I can put on my face without it breaking out bright red, and stinging so much my eyes water. 
I've tried lots of others, but to no avail. 
I often use just coconut oil, which is amazing, but sometimes I need that extra assistance with my wrinkles and sensitivity. 
So when I first put the Beauty Pie goodies on my face I was fearing the worst and standing near a sink in case I needed to wash it right off...

Beauty Pie Subscription: Wrinkles Be Gone
 The Serum. This was easy to dispense, and smells amazing. I used a couple of pumps and it went far. It felt calming and soft on my skin and didn't sting... yay!!!
After a few week's use I feel like my skin is softer, smoother, and definitely more hydrated.
A new fave of mine.
Beauty Pie Subscription: Wrinkles Be Gone
The Cream. This smells like talcum powder and babies, so even if it didn't work I was in love already. Luckily it was good for my skin too. It took a little while to get used to as it's more of a jelly consistency than my Clarins Multi Active Day Cream, but it is just as effective.
After a few weeks use my skin is super hydrated and soft, and it feels less wrinkly too, bonus!

Beauty Pie Subscription: Wrinkles Be Gone
 The Eye Cream. You really only need a teeny amount of this to cover a huge space, so it will last for ages. I've only had it for a week as it was in my second batch of goodies, but so far so good.
Eye creams have previously made my eyes water so much it's not worth wearing them because they get cried off within a few minutes. I can feel this one in my eyes, but so far it's not made them water. I'll stick at it because I know how important an eye cream is and it has had a small effect on the fine lines under my eyes already.

Beauty Pie Subscription: Wrinkles Be Gone

The Cleanser. This was also in my second batch of goodies so I've not had it long. I've used it a couple of times with a face cloth, and it's super easy to use. Leaves my skin not feeling tight like some other cleansers do. My only downside to this is that it takes a bit of work to remove eye make-up which my Clarins cleanser doesn't. It's about a third of the price though, at £5.75!

Now, the mascara was a different story and, from some of the reviews, quite a lot of the make-up range seems to be similar. 
I use either Chanel or Lancome mascara and absolutely love both of them, so it was going to be a hard sell anyway. But I found that I had to apply quite a few coats for it even to show on my eyelashes. And it didn't have lasting power. So I won't be swapping to the Beauty Pie mascara any time soon. And probably won't try the other make-up bits either. 

The perfume sample I got smelt beautiful. very reminiscent of Jo Malone which is my go to perfume, Pomegranate Noir anyone? I'll use them on a day to day basis, but again, I didnt feel they had lasting power. Perhaps I should ask other people though as my nose gets used to perfume quite quickly!

But the creams and face serums and all the skin care range I am sold on. And I will continue to purchase. So thank you to all the people who raved about Beauty Pie until I finally caved and tried it. I can see what the fuss is all about. 
See for yourself
Here's my face (hiding behind my cat because I don't normally do pictures with no make-up). There's no filter and no make-up and I think my skin looks radiant and a lot plumper, less wrinkly, more vibrant, and certainly less grey!! I'm 38 (whispers) just for info!

I feel a lot more confident in my skin when it looks less grey and wrinkly. And that kind of outward confidence definitely helps my wellbeing. Plus, I LOVE skin care and I feel like it's my birthday each time my parcel arrives. It's wrapped in beautiful pink paper, in a beautiful box so it's like a treat to myself. A treat that is helping my skin, and my confidence, and my bank balance! Yay!!
You can try for yourself. Click the picture below and receive a free month's subscription.

If you try it you'll have to let me know how you get on.

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