How to Plan a Series: Tips for Authors


You know what it's like? You're halfway through a nail-biting scene, your hero is swooping down to woo his heroine, your MC is on the cusp of solving the crime, your protagonist is about to reveal their motives. Your fingers are clacking over the keys and the words are appearing on the page with an exhilarating magic. 

'With a single movement, Henry Cavill wrapped an arm around me, my knees gave out from under me and I found myself falling into the pools of his...'

His what? 

Now, of course, I'm never going to forget that Henry Cavill's eyes are the colour of the Aegean Sea with a heterochromial dash of hazel to match my own. BUT, when I'm four books into a series and there are a lot of characters to remember, I won't know who's sporting the chocolate curls and who's got the cheeky twinkle without re-reading books one-three!

Luckily help is at hand with this handy planner...

series planner cover pic

I took what I needed from experience of writing both a crime thrillers series, and multiple romance novels, and put it all in this handy planner, suitable for all genres. 

There is a series overview, book overview, cast of characters, individual character sheets, and so much more! 

With a quick glance I can check who has been snogging who, or who is destined to die in the next book! 

All for only a fiver... bargain!

Check it out here >> 

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