Writing It Today is a lifestyle blog founded in 2011 by writer and therapist Kate Galloway Smith. 

Up until 2011 my life had panned out just as I had imagined it would: school, university, marriage... It was almost as though I had followed the official rule book of 'How to Grow Up'. Then in 2011, halfway through my masters degree in Occupational Therapy, I fell pregnant - tick in the next box I thought...    

Only it wasn't. 

It was the start of a year that would test me to the very edge of my limits. 

From an acute bout of Hyperemesis Gravidarum which landed me in hospital, ballooning me to the size of a beached whale but not before making me lose two stone first! 

Two house moves (what was I thinking?)

Then a divorce to top it off... 


So I started Writing It Today as a cathartic way to vent all of my frustrations. It was cheaper than a therapist and less violent than taking it out on my ex-husband. 

I now work as a therapist myself, as well as a romance author, script writer, and one-time model in Loaded magazine!

These days Writing It Today is a lifestyle blog focussing on empowerment, wellbeing, and creativity - with a healthy dose of family, food, beauty, and style thrown in for good measure. 

Contact me at kate@writingittoday.com if you're interested in collaborating or if you'd just like to drop me a message.

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